About the Team

Derrick Beil | MAXKOE Administrator

Hey everyone, before I get into my introduction I’d like to thank you all for checking out the site and I appreciate what everyone offers in terms of feedback to help this site grow.

A little bit of background about myself: Born and raised in Charlotte, NC I have found myself fascinated with all the topics surrounding technology. Over time I have become obsessed with keeping updated on the latest tech which motivated me to create this webstie. I have always  had my opinions and thoughts on the daily subjects but never really had a platform to make my viewpoints known. After a little thought, I decided that no matter how big or small a website I was able to create, I wanted my viewpoints on the internet for everyone to see.

So here we are, its mid-2013 and a little site called MAXKOE is established. We are small, but we are definitely growing! If you are interested in helping this site grow with your contributions please take a look at our application page.

My vision of MAXKOE: I hope that with a little time and some effort this site will grow to cover all topics that you, the reader, will find interesting and entertaining. I want to build a team of committed individuals that believe in what they write about and aren’t afraid to stand by it. I plan to make sure that this site will always have a happy-go-lucky attitude that doesn’t discriminate against people’s opinions but rather fuels them to share their thoughts. Here at MAXKOE, your opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs will always be welcomed.

Thanks for reading!

Nick Thompson | MAXKOE Author

“I have always had an avid interest in video games and the industry that surrounds them. After my time serving in the Army, I decided to pursue my passion (and a much less stressful environment) by heading back to school as a computer science major in hopes of someday breaking into the video game industry as a designer and developer.

Outside of school and work, I spend my free time playing as many video games as time allots, writing (usually about games), arguing with faceless people over the internet about what’s considered canon in Star Wars, and doing freelance game design projects. I plan on seizing and pursuing every opportunity that comes my way in order to grow and hopefully make something that is cared about.”

PJ | MAXKOE Author

“My name is PJ, and I’ve been gaming since I saved up money from my paper route to buy an NES with Super Mario Brothers.  I’m married with three kids so gaming time is limited (although the oldest two enjoy some with me), but I try to find as much time as I can.

I work in information technology at a Pediatric Hospital and other than gaming, I enjoy hockey, football, and occasionally some basketball (usually just in the playoffs).  I also dabble in other nerd-related endeavors such as reading science fiction/fantasy, and watching movies about the same.  Writing about gaming has been a great outlet for me and something I’m definitely still learning, so any feedback is welcome. ”

Kenneth Toshney | MAXKOE Author

“Hello there, my name is Ken. I’ve been addicted to gadgets, games and all kinds of tech since before I can remember. In recent years my attention has been particularly drawn by mobile computing. It fascinates me how the tech is advancing and how powerful mobile devices have come.  That doesn’t mean I ignore my other interests though, and while time may not be as readily available as it used to be, I still make sure to spend a few hours in front of the Xbox each week. I mustn’t forget Sci Fi either which is like a drug for me. I just can’t resist a good Space Opera whether it be a TV series like Battlestar Galactica or a game like Mass Effect.

Born and bred in Scotland, I now live on the Mediterranean isle of Malta. I’ve been here since 1989 and recently married the love of my life, Marie. As you can guess I work in I.T, being specialised in Business Intelligence with a local bank. Though the desire has been there for a number of years, I started writing about tech and anything related to it relatively recently. Since I’ve started I have come to thoroughly enjoy it and it’s a pleasure to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. I hope you enjoy my articles and find them interesting and informative. Comments and feedback are always appreciated.”


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