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Hey there,

My name is Derrick, owner and journalist for MAXKOE. I am passionate about all things having to do with technology; this includes game consoles, mobile phones, and even quirky gadgets. It is because of this obsession that I found myself starting this blog and writing in it weekly. Over time I have come to realize that this industry is far to big and busy for one person to cover on their own.

Read an article that makes you infuriated? Post your opinions here! Saw that cool rumor and want to elaborate on it? Elaborate on it at MAXKOE! With a team of passionate individuals we will be able to cover more stories throughout the tech industry and help this website grow!

As of right now, there will be no monetary compensation; but there will be awards/gifts in the near future based off of overall page views and article value.

If you are interested in writing for MAXKOE fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you!

Best Regards,
Derrick Beil | MAXKOE Administrator

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